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Dreamsdwell Stories 2 Preview

Mayplay Games is now working on Dreamsdwell Stories 2! In the near future we will be glad to present the sequel to both fans of the original game and to the new players. Dwellers of the Dreamsdwell Valley discover mysterious portal and are trying to explore it. At that time you appear from the Portal, magically teleported from our world. The most interesting thing is that you are not able to go back! The secret of the Portal awaits you, and it is the only way for you to find a way home.


  • Your avatar is presented in the game world. Controlling the avatar directly you can explore the world, talk with the dwellers and get the quests from them, interact with different structures.
  • There are several islands in Dreamsdwell Stories 2, not the only one Main Island, Snow Island and Tropic Island. You will be able to travel between the islands by completing special types of levels, where you have to make the chain that repeats the pattern of the constellation.
  • There are moving spheres in the game making chains will be much more interesting.
  • Duel Mode and Chaotic levels, where game field is constantly changing depending on your actions.
  • 7 new bonuses (13 in general), and bonuses can be replenished by making chains of the appropriate color. While preparing to the certain level you can choose 3 bonuses you consider to be most effective on this particular level.
  • Talismans that influence the gameplay (for example, making obstacles more vulnerable).
  • Find these and many more new features in Dreamsdwell Stories 2!


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