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About us

Game Development

Mayplay Games was founded in 2006. On June 12, 2007 we have released our first game called Rain Talisman. Our second game is Dreamsdwell Stories (released on December 30, 2008). It is the first title in series of games about the dwellers of the colorful fantasy world. We like games, we try to play it everywhere.

We are located in Lviv, Ukraine. We are open for cooperation. Please, feel free to contact us at contacts@mayplaygames.com

You can get information about open job positions in our company here.

Game Distribution

On July 21, 2008 we launched a new version of our site and started to distribute games made by other developers. Let us tell you why did we do it.

Over the course of several years we played, analyzed and enjoyed literally thousands of games. At the same time we realized that every member of our company has a likeness to the certain types of games, themes or even features. But we failed to find a site, where games are categorized in such a way, that you can easily track a game by this or that feature. So we decided to make such a site by ourselves.

In the bottom of the every game page on our site you can find similar games in the same sub-genre, setting and by the same developer. We tried to do our best to choose such a games, looking for the similarities. In a couple of months we also plan to implement a tag system, which will make finding games with certain features really easy.

We will gladly hear proposals from you how we can improve our site! Please, contact us at contacts@mayplaygames.com

Music for Casual Games

Our sound department offers writing of music and sounds for casual games. You can hear the samples of our work here.


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